Application For Student Identification Card

30 Kertész Street
January 20, 2022

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you that the application process for student identification cards is
as follows:

You can acquire the NEK data form at the document office assigned to your place
of habitation or digitally via the government window (kormányablak)-on the basis
of official documents
(identity card, address card or other prevalent idetification
documents)- your child’s photo (over the age of twelve the signature of the child is
also required) will be taken in the document office.

You are to show the filled-in NEK data form to the school secretary, who will apply
for the student identification card in the OKTIG system electronically after
checking the data. The application is free of charge.

The finished student identification card will be sent to the school.

If your child is schoolable, the identity card is valid without the validating
sticker until October 31st after the school year in which your child becomes 16 years old.

School Management